I’m interested in speaking about functional programming, TypeScript, JavaScript, React and management.

TSConf 2019 (Seattle, WA)

Don’t Break the Contract: Keep Consistency with Full Stack Type Safety

We’ve seen the Web evolve from blue hyperlink text to complex web applications. In modern web application development, not only JavaScript is allowing our teams to build richer user experiences in the front-end, but Node.js has also emerged as the go-to back-end technology of choice.

While this stack is flexible and fun to program in, building and maintaining internal APIs can be an unpleasant experience. Have you ever had a front-end bug because there was an unexpected change in the back-end? In this talk, we’ll explore how TypeScript can help our development teams to reduce these bugs by extending the type system from the back-end to the front-end.

We’ll discover how types bring benefits to an application in terms of maintainability, robustness, and clean code that can be easily refactored in the future.

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JSCanarias 2019 (Tenerife, Spain)

Don’t Break the Contract: Keep Consistency with Full Stack Type Safety


JSNation 2019 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Stop the Software Apocalypse with Functional Progamming

With the rise of software-based innovation, the business rules and flow controls are getting more complex. Software engineers do not only have to handle increasingly complicated problems, but they also carry greater responsibility for ensuring the quality of their code.

It’s clear that our tools and methods should evolve to build robust software. In this talk, we’ll explore how to leverage functional programming techniques to reduce the complexity and write safer JavaScript in a real-world scenario. Come to see what’s exciting about static analysis, pure functions, composition and immutability; and how these principles are a powerful tool to optimize your code for correctness.

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