Announcing harvest-overtime ⏰

Command-line interface to calculate employee's overtime with Harvest's CSV reports.

Quito Crime Map

An interactive crime map that shows the crime rate of Quito as reported by Policía Nacional del Ecuador.

Mapa del cantón Quito en formato GeoJSON

Mapas de Quito en formato GeoJSON con límites de parroquias y administraciones zonales.

Novel Dataset for Interactive Segmentation Evaluation

A novel seed-based user input dataset that extends the well-known GrabCut dataset and the Geodesic Star convexity dataset.

The Problem of Evaluating Interactive Segmentation

Despite some significant advances and extensive research, the selection of interactive segmentation algorithms is still a challenging task because people incorporate some semantic considerations that lead to more than one acceptable solution.

Supervised Evaluation of Seed-Based Interactive Image Segmentation Algorithms

In this paper, we present an objective and empirical evaluation of seed-based interactive segmentation algorithms. We first compare popular metrics that are employed in image-segmentation evaluations in order to define which one reflects most accurately the performance of segmentation algorithms. Then, in the aim of presenting reproducible results, we introduce a novel seed-based user input dataset that extends the well-known GrabCut dataset. Finally, we evaluate and contrast four state-of-the-art interactive segmentation algorithms.

Communication System Simulation

A basic communication system using MATLAB. It plots BER curves in order to compare the performance of several codification algorithms.